Archeomagnetism in the use of brick dating lanos

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Archaeomagnetic dating offers a valuable chronological tool for archaeological investigations, particularly for dating fired material.

The well dated and reliable archaeomagnetic full vector contributes to the archaeomagnetic database of Europe.Moreover, the hierarchical modelling also allows an efficient way to penalize outliers automatically.With this new posterior estimate of the curve, the Bayesian statistical framework then allows to estimate the calendar dates of undated archaeological features (such as kilns) based on one, two or three geomagnetic parameters (inclination, declination and/or intensity).The latter were sampled and analysed using luminescence dating techniques.The results show that, as well as the practice of reusing bricks or tiles salvaged from abandoned Roman sites, brickmaking was not a forgotten skill in north-western France and appears to have been continuously practised in the region.

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